About company

Dobroflot is a history of the fishing company with more than century of traditions

Since 1911 we have been concentrating out efforts in fisheries and canned food production.
We procure only wild fish, because only it has a natural taste.
Only we know how to cook canned fish like that.
Generations of fishermen and specialists of many professions have put much effort and knowledge to have fish delicacies on our dining tables.
We set the standards of quality, returning the prestige of domestic fish products.
We do not pursue technologies, but we are developing to preserve traditions.


  • 16

    fishing vessels
  • 3

    fish processing factory ships. Including the largest in Russia «Vsevolod Sibirtsev»
  • 4

    refrigerator ships


  • 170000000

    cans per year - is the largest coastal fish cannery in Russia by production volume
  • 150000

    tons per year —
    Over 150,000 tons of raw fish processed annually
  • м

Port infrastructure

  • 3

    ports: Yuzhno-Morskoy,
    Bolshoy Kamen.
  • > 2000

    meters of quay walls


  • 28000

    tons is a total weight of storage of fresh-frozen fish products
  • 66000000

    cans is a capacity of warm warehouses for the canned fish storage


  • 500000

    cans per day is a productivity of can making factory

The Livadia repair shipbuilding plant is a technical maintenance base and equipment fleet


It has its own dead-end track, material handling equipment, warehouse personnel and depot of heavy-duty refrigerated trucks

The developed system of warehouses in the largest regions of the country

Products delivery to any Russian city and to the CIS countries

Head offices are in Vladivostok and Moscow

  • Moscow
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Chelyabinsk
  • Omsk
  • Novosibirsk
  • Barnaul
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Irkutsk
  • Blagoveshchensk
  • Vladivostok
  • Tula

Отзыв о продукции

Natural pacific saury

Natural pink salmon

Salmon caviar (granular)

Sprat in tomato sauce Baltic, fried and whole

Red salmon natural far eastern salmon

Natural cod liver

Natural pacific salmons ragout

Saury smoked in oil

Natural pacific herring

Natural tune

Kamchatka fish-soup

Large sprats in oil

Natural pacific sardine IWASHI

Pacific sardine IWASHI large fatty carcass of half-gutted fish with special salting

Pacific herring fillet

Cucumaria with vegetables in tomato sauce

Natural pacific saury blanched in oil

Natural Walleye pollock liver

Natural pacific saury with oil addition

Laminaria salad (oriental style)

Laminaria salad with vegetables in tomato sauce

Cucumaria and fish skoblyanka

Walleye pollock liver (maritime style)

Natural pacific herring with oil addition

Laminaria salad with calamari

Walleye Pollock liver and caviar natural «Assorted delicate»

Laminaria salad «Far East»

Natural far eastern mackerel with oil addition

Calamary natural skinless portioned carcass (fillet)

Natural pacific sardine with oil addition

Smoked calamari tentacles with oil addition

Smoked pacific sardine Iwashi in oil

Pacific herring HGT specially pickled

Pacific herring whole-round fatty fish, large, specially pickled

Pacific sardine IWASHI large fatty carcass of half-gutted fish with special salting

Pacific Alaska Pollock, skinless fillet

Skinless Pacific Cod Fillet

Cod LOIN fillet (skinless, boneless (back)

Squid fillet

Natural Kuril Scomber

Pink Salmon fillet skin on

Natural tune with oil

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